You're Going to Be Fine /早日康复


    Useful Language

  • ask someone to be specific:请对方详述
  • Like what(…)?
  • express confidence in someone:表示对某人有信心
  • I know you can do it. I know you'll be able to take care of it.
  • say that something won't hurt:说某事不妨碍
  • You won't feel a thing.
  • compare the importance of two things:比较两物的重要性
  • Your health is more important.
  • state consequences:说明后果
  • If I have my tonsils out tomorrow, I'll miss my birthday party on Saturday.
  • offer to find a solution:表示可代为设法
  • Let me try to work something out. I'll come up with something.
  • persuade someone by offering a reward:以奖赏劝服对方
  • You just put on your pajamas and robe, and I'll think of a surprise.
  • reassure someone:安慰对方
  • Everything will be just fine.
  • verify an answer:查对答案
  • You're sure you've never played?
  • refer to an action in progress:提起进行中的事
  • You can learn as we go. You can join in at any time.
  • say someone doesn't act well after losing a game:说对方玩输以后没有风度
  • You're a sore loser.
  • stop an argument:要大家停止争论
  • No arguing!
  • greet a group of people informally:向一群人打招呼(很轻松随便的口吻)
  • Hi, gang. Hi, everybody.
  • hold someone to his or her word:要对方遵守诺言
  • You promised me a surprise.
  • check something you think is true:查对你认为属实的事
  • It hurts, doesn't it? So you will have dinner?
  • make a promise:承诺
  • We'll see to it that you have strawberry and vanilla ice cream. Then three it will be.
  • encourage a child:鼓励孩子
  • Come on now. You're a big boy/girl.
  • comfort someone who's not feeling well:安慰病人
  • I know it hurts, but it'll be better tomorrow.
  • negotiate:谈条件
  • But first you have to smile. No smile, no surprise. If you want a surprise, then you've got to smile first.
  • wish someone a happy birthday:祝对方生日快乐
  • Happy Birthday, Carl.


  • * feel的一些常见用法和意思: I feel cold. 我觉得冷。(半系动词,带形容词表语) Don't feel the silk----you might soil it. 别摸那丝绸——你可能会弄脏它。 (及物动词) It feels smooth, like a baby's skin. 它摸上去很光滑,像婴儿的皮肤。(半系动词) He felt great joy at the news. 他听到消息后感到极为欣喜。(及物动词) We felt our way around in the dark. 我们在黑暗中摸索着走。(及物动词) He felt as if he was going to cry. 他感到好像要哭。(带 as if从句) I felt that he had something to tell me. 我觉得他有话要跟我说。(带 that从句) She felt in her purse for the ticket. 她在手袋摸着找票。 We all feel for you. 我们都非常同情你。 How are you feeling today? 你今天(身体)觉得怎么样?(进行时,表示即刻的感觉。) I don't feel like eating. 我不想吃饭。 * look 的一些用法: He looks sad (happy, hungry, satisfied, etc). 他看上去不高兴(高兴,饿了,很满足,等)。(半系动词,带形容词表语) It looks like rain. 看起来像要下雨。 What does it look like. 它是什么样子的? Look at that helicopter. 看那架直升机。 He looked the bully in the eye. 他直视那蛮横的人的眼睛。(及物动词) You must look deeper into the problem. 你得更仔细地研究这个问题。 (不及物动词) She looks about sixty. 她看起来约60岁。 It looks as if we are going to have a dry year. 看来好像今年天要旱。 (带 as if 从句) The old man doesn't look his age. 那老人看上去比实际年纪更年轻。 Look out! 当心!(习语) * deal 本意是“交易”,“买卖”。It' s a deal. 是“就这样讲好条件了”,“行,成交了”。如: The deal is off. 这笔交易吹了。 No big deal. 没什么了不起。 有时说反话Big deal,意思一样。 但作为数量词,deal等于lot,用于不可数的东西。如: We' ve had a deal of trouble lately. 我们近来遇到不少麻烦。 We learned a greatdeal in geography class. 我们在地理课上学到了不少东西。 *全书本是以斯图尔特一家人为中心,这一集却以护士莫莉为主角。在美国,成功的人物或事业都离不开一个或一批干练忠诚的助手,其高效率的服务往往不是仅以所得到的工资所能买到的。当然,他们所服务的对象也必须能以自己为表率,才能赢得他们的尊重和忠诚。着意刻划莫莉,正所以突现菲利普对工作的执着。





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