It's Up to You /由你决定

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  • It's Up to You ACT I
  • Who is it?
  • Dad.
  • Come on in, Dad.
  • I thought you might be hungry.
  • I brought you a chicken sandwich and a glass of milk.
  • I am hungry.
  • Thanks, Dad.
  • What time is it, anyway?
  • Ten o'clock.
  • What are you working on?
  • I'm writing a story for the high-school paper.
  • Can't you finish it tomorrow?
  • No, I have to turn it in in the morning.
  • What's it about?
  • I'm writing an article on the feelings about graduation.
  • And ... how do you feel?
  • Me?
  • A little scared.
  • And excited, too.
  • I felt the same way.
  • The scary part's leaving home and moving to college.
  • Oh, leaving home is part of growing up.
  • Well, don't work all night.
  • I don't mind.
  • I enjoy writing.
  • Well,
  • maybe you should think about becoming a writer.
  • Maybe I should.
  • You have lots of time to decide.
  • That's the worst part--making decisions.
  • You'll be OK.
  • Good night, Son.
  • Good night, Dad.
  • Hail to the conquering heroes,
  • Hail, Hail to Michigan,
  • Ah, good morning, Robbie.
  • Good morning, Dad.
  • How's my grandson?
  • Fine, Grandpa. Fine!
  • What's all the cheering about?
  • Did the University of Michigan win another football game?
  • Better than that.
  • Tell him, Philip.
  • I just spoke with Charley Rafer.
  • Who's Charley Rafer?
  • He's the Dean of Admissions for the University of Michigan.
  • And it turns out he's a classmate of Philip's.
  • We were both on the tennis team.
  • Great!
  • It is great.
  • He's going to be in New York tomorrow
  • to interview applicants for admission.
  • And he's agreed to fit you into his schedule.
  • But I may not want to go to Michigan.
  • It's one of the best schools in the country, Robbie.
  • I studied medicine there.
  • Your grandfather went to the Engineering School there.
  • I know that, but ...
  • You said you wanted to be a doctor like your father.
  • Not exactly.
  • You couldn't pick a finer medical school than Michigan.
  • Yes, I know that.
  • Let's meet with Charley at the university club.
  • Ten o'clock tomorrow morning.
  • It doesn't mean you're going to Michigan.
  • It doesn't mean you have to be a doctor.
  • But the interview will be good experience for you.
  • In that case, it's OK.
  • Dad, growing up means
  • making my own decisions, doesn't it?
  • You're right, Robbie.
  • But, like your Grandpa suggested,
  • have the interview.
  • And then make your own decision.
  • That sounds fine.
  • I know it's sudden, Robbie,
  • but this is an important opportunity.
  • We'll head down there first thing tomorrow morning.
  • OK?
  • Sure, Dad.
  • I want you to know something, Son.
  • I'm ... very proud of you.
  • Thanks, Dad.
  • Well, I've got an appointment at the hospital.
  • I'll see you all at dinnertime.
  • Bye, Dad.
  • Is something still wrong, Robbie?
  • I'll be OK.
  • Going away to college for the first time
  • always makes one a little nervous.
  • I guess so.
  • I'll be OK. I just need time to think.


  • Come on in.= Come in.快进屋来。
  • chicken sandwich:鸡肉三明治。 sandwich,指两片面包中间夹一两片肉,是一种很普通的快餐食品。
  • What are you working on?你在忙什么?注意重音落在work上,on是介词,所以不重读。在work a problem out这个短语里,out是副词,应该重读。
  • paper:newspaper.报纸。在口语会话中经常出现这种缩略词,如dorm(=dormitory),perm(=permanent刘海)等,读者应随时注意模仿。
  • Can't you finish it tomorrow?明天写完它不行么?Philip的意思是:Robbie,你非得连夜赶写么?别累着自己。
  • turn it in: give it to the teacher or editor of the school paper.交(稿),交作业。
  • What's it about? =What is the topic?是关于什么的?写什么题目?
  • article: a piece of writing, usually for a newspaper or a magazine. 文章,稿子。
  • scared: afraid;  frightened. 害怕。
  • I felt the same way. 我当年也是这种感觉。
  • the scary  part's...:让人发怵的是……例如:The scary pert is he seems never to get along with anybody. 令人不安的是他似乎从不与任何人交往。scary: frightening. 令人发怵的。这里的part=thing。
  • I don't mind. =It doesn't bother me. 我不在乎。
  • the worst:最糟的,最伤脑筋的。这是形容词bad的最高级。它的比较级是worse。
  • You'll be OK.你不会有问题的。
  • University of Michigan song: Michigan大学校歌。很多美国大学有为学校编写的特别歌曲。
  • hail to...:向……致敬。
  • victors valiant:英勇的胜利者,斗勇之师。
  • conquering heroes:勇于征服的英雄们。
  • champions: first-prize winners. 冠军。
  • the West:美国西部。
  • cheering: shouting approval. 欢呼,喝彩。
  • Dean of Admissions: the person in charge of deciding which students may enter a school or university. 新生注册主任,招生办公室主任。
  • it turns out: the interesting fact is. 没想到的是
  • classmate: another student in your class.同班同学。
  • on the tennis team:在校网球队。
  • interview: to meet in order to ask questions. 面谈,面试。
  • applicants: people who apply. 申请入学的人。
  • fit you into his schedule: to find time to meet with you. 安排你与他见面。
  • the best:最好的。请比较 good→better→best。
  • schools=universities. 此处指“大学”。
  • Engineering School:工学院。每所大学分成许多学院,例如 Law School(法学院), Medical School (医学院),工学院等。
  • Not exactly. 不是特别想(当医生)。
  • university club:校友俱乐部。很多大学在各城市都有聚会地点,这些俱乐部的成员都毕业于同一个学校
  • But the interview will be good experience for you.可这次面谈对你来说是一次有益的经历。
  • In that case...=If that's true...要是那样的话。
  • like your Grandpa suggested:照你爷爷的话(去做)。句中like是非正式用法,相当于连词as(照……去做)。
  • That sounds fine.这话听来不错。
  • sudden: happening quickly and unexpectedly. 来得突然。
  • opportunity:机会。
  • head: to go in a certain direction. 去,往。 head down there=go straight to the place. 直奔那儿。
  • I want you to know something. 我想告诉你一句话。
  • appointment:约好了要与人见面。
  • Is something still wrong...? 还有什么觉得不对的地方么?
  • I guess so. 我想是吧。





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