Grandpa's Trunk /祖父的行李箱

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  • Grandpa's Trunk ACT III
  • Ladies and gentlemen,
  • Amtrak is happy to announce our arrival in New York City.
  • The train will be stopping in five minutes.
  • Please check to be sure you have your belongings.
  • And have a good stay in the Big Apple.
  • Thank you.
  • Well, here we are.
  • It was so nice meeting you, Mr.Stewart.
  • And nice meeting you, too, Mrs.Tobin.
  • Please look us up.
  • We're in the phone book.
  • Dr. Philip Stewart, in Riverdale.
  • Your son?
  • That's right. And have a good time in New York.
  • And don't be so independent.
  • You're very lucky to have a caring family.
  • When can we go fishing?
  • Robbie, we'll go fishing soon,
  • and we'll take your dad with us.
  • I'm ready, Grandpa. You name the day.
  • That's a great idea, Grandpa!
  • Philip needs a day off.
  • Let's give him our presents--now.
  • Good idea.
  • Presents--for me?
  • From me and Marilyn.
  • And this one's from me.
  • I looked all over the house to find it.
  • Richard, these are terrific pictures.
  • This one really brings back memories.
  • You remember that day, Robbie?
  • I sure do. It was fun.
  • Oh, I'm sorry Susan isn't here.
  • I miss her very much.
  • She feels bad, too, Grandpa.
  • She called to say the plane was delayed.
  • You know airports.
  • I can't wait to see her.
  • She looks just like Grandma at that age.
  • I'd better unpack.
  • I started traveling twenty-four hours ago.
  • I'm not so young anymore.
  • Don't you want something to eat?
  • No, thanks.
  • After a good night's sleep, I'll enjoy breakfast even more.
  • Well, come on, Dad.
  • Ellen and I'll take you to your room.
  • I'm sure glad you're here, Grandpa.
  • Good night, Grandpa.
  • Pleasant dreams.
  • Philip, do you have the key to the trunk?
  • I have the key, but it doesn't work.
  • I sent the wrong key.
  • I have something for you. I made it myself.
  • I think you'll enjoy it.
  • I researched it for over a year.
  • It's our family tree.
  • Oh, Grandpa! How exciting!
  • Fabulous!
  • Why, I didn't know that your grandfather was born in Germany.
  • Lots of interesting information about our family.
  • A gift from me.
  • Thank you so much.
  • Grandpa! Grandpa!
  • Oh, Grandpa, I'm so happy to see you!
  • Oh, you look so beautiful, Susan. My granddaughter.
  • Like I always said, you look just like Grandma.
  • I think you're going to be very happy here with us.
  • I know you will.
  • I don't feel alone anymore.


  • announce:宣布。
  • belongings:personal things. 行李
  • the Big Apple:New York City. 纽约。
  • look (us) up:call or visit (us). 与(我们)联系,到(我们)家里来玩。
  • We're in the phone book. =You can find our address and telephone number in the telephone book.你可以在电话簿中找到我们家的地址和电话号码。
  • trip:旅行。
  • You name the day. =Tell me which day. 你说哪天吧。
  • a day off:a day away from the job. 休息一天,休一天假。
  • all over the house:everywhere. in the house. 屋子里的每个角落。
  • unwrap:打开,展开。这个单词的两个音节都重读。
  • contain:有,包含。
  • brings back memories:makes me think about past times. 使我想起了过去的岁月。
  • delayed:made late. 误点,耽误。
  • unpack:打开(行李等)。
  • Pleasant dreams. =Sleep well. 睡得好。Use this phrase when someone is going to bed. =在别人准备就寝前说这个短语。
  • but it doesn't work:但它打不开。 work的意思是“起作用,行得通,有效”。如:The plan worked very well. 这项计划很成功。I don't think your idea will work. 我想你的主意行不通。
  • researched:studied carefully to get facts and information. 调查,研究。
  • family tree:a chart of a person's family history. 家谱,家族的历史。
  • How exciting!= That's very exciting. 真棒,妙极了。
  • fabulous:太好了。这是口语用法。
  • Why, 你看。Why is not a question word here. Why at the beginning of a sentence sometimes shows surprise. This is a formal use. 此处 why 不是疑问词。why用在句首表示惊讶。这是一种正式用法。
  • information:资料;情况,信息。注意 information 是不可数名词,表示许多情况、信息时不加-s。
  • I don't feel alone anymore. 我再也不感到孤单了。





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