The Right Magic /钓鱼秘决

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  • The Right Magic ACT III
  • Here's the bag.
  • Will he be OK, Dad?
  • I hope so.
  • That's it.
  • That's the way.
  • That's it. There.
  • Oh, it's going to be all right.
  • That's it.
  • Wrap him in the blanket, Dad!
  • That's it. That's it.
  • It's all right, Albert.
  • You're going to be OK.
  • I want my daddy!
  • We'll take you to him.
  • Easy now. Easy does it. That's it.
  • Your dad is quite a guy.
  • I know, Grandpa.
  • How is he, Philip?
  • He's asleep.
  • He's going to be fine.
  • How can I thank all of you?
  • Thank my son Robbie.
  • He pulled him out of the water.
  • I'm very grateful, Robbie.
  • Dad saved him, not me.
  • I'm so thankful to all of you.
  • So long.
  • He's a lucky boy.
  • Well, what do you say we get back to our fishing?
  • That's a great idea.
  • Uh-oh. It's probably the hospital.
  • I have to get to a phone.
  • It probably means we can't stay.
  • That's OK.
  • One of my patients has a high fever,
  • and I have to go to the hospital.
  • I'm sorry, Robbie.
  • I guess I ruined your day.
  • You didn't ruin my day, Dad.
  • I understand. I really do.
  • Why are you back so early?
  • Philip had to go back to the hospital.
  • He had an emergency.
  • Oh, that's too bad, Robbie.
  • Did it spoil your fun?
  • No, Mom. We had a great time.
  • Well, did you do any fishing?
  • Yeah, we caught lots of them. Look!
  • They had a special on frozen fish down at the supermarket.
  • Oh, you really had a bad day.
  • We had a good day.
  • Robbie pulled a boy out of the water.
  • And Dad saved his life.
  • He's a terrific doctor, Mom.
  • I know.
  • Hi, Pop. Hi, Son.
  • Hello, Dad.
  • What a day!
  • How about a cup of coffee, Son?
  • I'd love a cup of coffee.
  • How was the patient?
  • She'll be fine.
  • Was it serious?
  • No.
  • Until today, I was never really interested in medicine.
  • Well, it's hard work.
  • Now I know.
  • I had a good time today, Robbie.
  • Me, too.
  • Why don't we do it again?
  • Can we? When?
  • How about next Saturday?
  • Won't you be busy?
  • I'm changing my schedule.
  • Well, do we have a date?
  • We sure do, Dad.
  • Grandpa, can you come?
  • I have other plans, Robbie.
  • But I think you two can have a good time together without me.
  • No, Dad, and certainly not without the right magic.


  • wrap:to fold around; cover. 裹,包扎。
  • quite a guy:a wonderful man. 了不起的人。
  • grateful:thankful. 感激。
  • So long. =Good-bye. 再见。
  • What do you say we…? 你说我们……怎么样?
  • beeper:A doctor often carries a beeper so that a hospital can call him. The beeper makes a sound, and then the doctor knows that he should call the hospital. BP机,呼叫器。
  • Uh-oh. 噢。This sound shows that there is a problem. 英文中这种声音意味着有麻烦了。
  • get to:to go to immediately. 赶快去。
  • patients:A patient is a sick person. 病人。In this word, the letters ti sound like sh. Other examples include words ending in-tion, such as nation and election. 在这个字里,ti发音为sh。此外,其他字尾为tion的字也是如此。例如:nation, election。(单数patient。)
  • has a high fever:if you have a fever, your temperature is higher than usual because you are ill. 发高烧。
  • I guess I ruined your day. 我想我今天扫你的兴了。
  • Why are you back…? =Why did you return…?你为什么回来……?
  • emergency:a sudden situation that needs fast action. 急事,紧急情况。
  • spoil:to ruin. 毁了。例如:Did it spoil your fun? 是不是让你扫兴了?
  • We had a great time. 我们玩得非常高兴。
  • They had a special on frozen fish down at the supermarket. 超级市场里特价出售冻鱼。
  • Pop:Dad, father. 爸爸。
  • What:多么。You can use what to emphasize an opinion or reaction, especially in exclamation. What可用来强调一种观点或反应。特别用于感叹句。
  • What a day? 好忙的一天啊!
  • I'd love a cup of coffee. 我想喝杯咖啡。
  • How was the patient? 病人的情况怎么样?
  • Until today, I was never really interested in medicine. 直到今天,我才对医学真正感兴趣。
  • It's hard work. 这种工作很辛苦。
  • Why don't we…? 我们何不……?You can use this phrase to begin a suggestion. 这也是用于提建议的短语。
  • schedule:a list of times for certain things to happen. 日程表。
  • Well, do we have a date? 怎么样?我们算是约定了吗?





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