Thanksgiving /感恩节

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  • Thanksgiving ACT III
  • OK, everybody.
  • I want to welcome Harry and his daughter Michelle
  • to Thanksgiving with us.
  • Thank you, Dr. Stewart.
  • Call me Philip.
  • OK.
  • But first, I think we should take a moment
  • and remember the meaning of Thanksgiving.
  • Philip, I took Michelle to a school play
  • about the first Thanksgiving.
  • Well, why don't you tell us about that, Michelle?
  • Thanksgiving was about the Pilgrims,
  • the first settlers in America.
  • They shared the first harvest with the Indians
  • and gave thanks.
  • All right.
  • Then in that spirit let each of us give thanks.
  • Each in his own way.
  • Who wants to begin?
  • I will.
  • I give thanks for being here with my family and for being well,
  • so I can enjoy you all.
  • All rihgt!
  • We love you, Grandpa.
  • I'd like to give thanks for a healthy year, a good job,
  • and for meeting Harry and Michelle.
  • We'd like to give thanks for meeting Susan
  • and the Stewart family.
  • I love you, Daddy.
  • Thanks, Harry.
  • That was very kind of you.
  • I'd like to give thanks for Grandpa coming to live with us.
  • And I'd also like to thank my math teacher
  • for giving me a passing grade.
  • And call me, Alexandra.
  • Oh, Robbie!
  • She'll call.
  • You go first, Marilyn.
  • I'm thinking.
  • You go first.
  • Well, you all know I'm working on my photo album.
  • It's not finished yet.
  • And I'd like to thank Marilyn for being so patient.
  • Thanks, Richard.
  • I should thank you for encouraging me
  • to keep working on my fashion designs.
  • I'm lucky to have a husband with an artistic eye.
  • Oh, we have a lot to be thankful for.
  • For the food on this table.
  • Just like the Pilgrims.
  • I'll go along with that, Ellen.
  • Well, help me serve, Robbie.
  • It was a wonderful meal, Mrs. Stewart.
  • Thank you.
  • And now to see the end of the football game.
  • Exactly.
  • Where are you going, Philip?
  • Remember, the Michigan football game?
  • And Michigan needs a touchdown.
  • Did you forget something?
  • Dad, your famous apple pie.
  • Just let me see the score, Ellen.
  • Go ahead, Philip.
  • We should all take a little break before dessert.
  • Oh, who could that be?
  • Oh, it must be Alexandra.
  • I invited her to come by for dessert.
  • You did?
  • I like Ellen.
  • You know everyone, Alexandra.
  • No, she doesn't know Harry Bennett and his daughter Michelle.
  • Nice to meet you.
  • Hi.
  • Hello, Alexandra.
  • Hi, Marilyn.
  • Hi, Susan.
  • Happy Thanksgiving.
  • And Alexandra brought us a pumpkin pie.
  • Please sit down, Alexandra.
  • Dad, Richard--Alexandra's here.
  • Michigan needs a touchdown.
  • Three minutes to play.
  • Hi, Alexandra. Welcome.
  • Hello, Alexandra.
  • Yes, Michigan needs a touchdown.
  • One tiny little touchdown, with just three minutes to play.
  • You want Michigan to win.
  • How'd you guess?
  • And Alexandra brought us a pumpkin pie.
  • What happened?
  • We forgot to turn the oven on.
  • We did?
  • Philip, why don't you go
  • watch the last three minutes of the game.
  • I will serve coffee and pumpkin pie.
  • OK. I'll be back in a few minutes.
  • Robbie, would you bring the dessert plates.
  • And, Marilyn, would you pour coffee, please.
  • Sure, Ellen.
  • How was your Thanksgiving dinner, Alexandra?
  • Just wonderful, Mr. Stewart.
  • The Molinas are a large family.
  • I love being with them.
  • I'm glad you came by, Alexandra.
  • I am, too.
  • Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown!
  • Great Thanksgiving.
  • Lots to be thankful for.
  • Michigan scored a touchdown.
  • Alexandra came by.
  • And nobody misses Philip's famous apple pie.
  • Oh, Grandpa!


  • pilgrim:最初的移民。P大写时,指1620年移居美国的英国清教徒。
  • settlers:people who come to live in a new place. 移居者。
  • harvest:the grains,fruit,and vegetables of the season.收获,收成。
  • in that spirit:with the same kind of feeling.基于同样的心意,怀着同样的心情。
  • give thanks:to say thank you.感谢,致谢,感恩。 表示感激之情,感谢之意,在这一幕中有三种表达方式:give thanks for,thank sb.for,be thankful for。
  • That was very kind of you.You can use this expression to thank someone.你真周到。表示感谢、感激的用语,其后可以跟一不定式加以说明。 例如: It's very kind of you to help me. It's very kind of you to take care of my daughter.
  • patient:calm and not complaining.耐心的。
  • encouraging:giving courage, hope,or confidence.鼓励。
  • with an artistic eye:able to see things as an artist.具有艺术眼光。
  • go along with:to agree with.赞同,同意。
  • touchdown:攻到底线得分。In football,you score six points by catching the ball or running with it across the other team's goal line.在(美式)橄榄球比赛中,持球越过对方底线,得六分。
  • take a little break:to rest for a short time.稍微休息一下。
  • could:might.可能。
  • pumpkin pie:南瓜派。南瓜派是传统的感恩节食品。
  • How'd…?=How did…?你怎么……?
  • oven:烘箱,烤箱。
  • pour coffee:to serve coffee. 倒咖啡。





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