A Piece of Cake /轻而易举

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  • A Piece of Cake ACT II
  • OK, Richard. That's terrific.
  • Your pressure is 120 over 75, and that's fine.
  • Now stand up, please.
  • Good, it's 122 over 80.
  • You can sit down now.
  • When was your last complete physical?
  • Six months ago.
  • Good. Do you have any back or knee problems?
  • Nope. I am in perfect health.
  • What do you do for a living, Mr. Stewart?
  • I'm a photographer.
  • Interesting. What do you photograph?
  • Everything. The American scene. People, places, events.
  • Did you ever think of photographing an aerobics class?
  • No...I can't remember taking pictures of people exercising.
  • But don't you think it'd be a good subject?
  • Sure.
  • I need some good photos for my advertising, Mr. Stewart.
  • Maybe you can photogragh a class,
  • and I can give you and Mrs.Stewart
  • a month of classes ree.
  • When can I photograph a class?
  • Anytime.
  • How about today?
  • Terrific!
  • Hi.
  • Oh, hi.
  • Are we ready to go?
  • Yeah. Yeah. Let's get in our lines.
  • We're going to take it slow first.
  • Stretch up...and we're going to go left first ...
  • 2,3,4 ... now switch. ...
  • OK, hold to the right.
  • Sunrises. Stretch it out. Flat back.
  • Bring it up ... and twists ... and side ... 2, 3 ...
  • and left ... push ... push ... turn ... hit the floor.
  • Take it side again .... OK, and switch. Stretch it out.
  • And we're going to warm down with a tango.
  • Left, right. Enjoy it.
  • Richard, did you go to the Davis Aerobics class today?
  • Yes, I went to the aerobics class today.
  • What is wrong with you?
  • Nothing. I am in excellent health.
  • I have ideal blood pressure. A perfect heart.
  • In other words, I'm in wonderful condition.
  • Richard, did you go to the aerobics class, really?
  • And don't forget to invite Susan for dinner.
  • And your legs don't hurt?
  • Hurt? What do you mean?
  • What about your arms? Lift your arms up like this.
  • And they don't hurt ot even a little?
  • Nope.
  • You are in great condition. I can't believe it!


  • 122 over 80:120 over 80 is perfect blood pressure. 收缩压(高压)120,舒张压(低压)80为最佳血压标准。
  • When was your last complete physical? 你上次全身检查是什么时候?这里的 complete physical 意思是 complete physical examination(全身检查)。
  • Nope. =No. 不,没有(此处指背部和膝盖关节均无毛病)。 THis is a very informal word. 这是一个很不正式的词。
  • What do you do for a living?=What is your job?你是干哪一行的? What do you连在一起发音,成为Waddays。
  • The American scene. =Pictures showing the American way of life. 美国风情。
  • did you:Jack uses the common informal pronunciation, didja. did you常常被读成 didja。
  • don't you:此处读成 dontcha。
  • subject:area of artistic creation/expression. 创作题材。
  • advertising:telling people about something in newspapers, on television or on posters in order to attract them. 做广告。
  • Maybe you can…=How would you like the idea of…?此处 Jack Davis用 Maybe you can这一句型婉转地请求Richard帮忙。例如:Maybe you can help me fit another operation into the schedule。还可以说 Maybe you will go and get some cinnamon for me。
  • I can give you…free. =I can give you…without having you pay for them. 我让你和你太太免费上一个月的课。
  • Anytime. =It's not important when; you decide.什么时候都行,看你什么时间方便了。
  • How about today?= Can I photograph a class today?今天拍,你看行不?
  • Let's get in our lines. 请大家站好位置。 get in line的原意是站好队。
  • stretch up:伸展。
  • We're going to go left first. 先伸左手。
  • switch:to change. 换手。
  • Ok, hold to the right. 停在右手。
  • Sunrises. 双手合抱上举。
  • Stretch it out. 尽量伸直。
  • Flat back. 水平拉回。
  • Bring it up. 抬手。
  • twists:turns from side to side. 扭摆。
  • side:侧面。
  • hit the floor:触地板。
  • And we're going to warm down with a tango. 我们用探戈舞来舒缓一下。tango是一种源自阿根廷的舞步。
  • in excellent health=in wonderful condition=in great condition. 身体棒极了。
  • ideal:perfect. 再好不过的。
  • And your legs dont' hurt?你没觉着腿疼?这里的hurt是一个不及物动词,相当于汉语“疼”的意思。
  • What do you mean? 非正式场合说成“waddayamean”。
  • Lift your arms up. 把胳膊举起来。
  • You are in great condition. = You do have a very strong and healthy body. 你身体太好了。





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