A Place of Our Own /自己的房子

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  • A Place of Our Own ACT I
  • Ellen, I'd like your opinion.
  • About what?
  • Well, Richard and I feel that with a baby coming
  • we need to have our own place to live.
  • Oh.
  • Well, what do you think about Richard and me
  • looking for a small house or an apartment
  • at this point in our lives?
  • We love having you here,
  • and there is room,
  • and ... and when the baby comes,
  • the baby can stay in your room for a while.
  • Richard feels we need to find a small house.
  • I remember when I was pregnant with Richard.
  • Philip and I were living with Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Philip was a young doctor,
  • and he kept talking about having a house of our own.
  • It's natural.
  • What did you do?
  • We looked at a lot of houses.
  • Did you find one?
  • Oh, not at first.
  • We couldn't afford it.
  • Grandpa wanted to lend us the money to buy one,
  • but Philip is too independent.
  • He didn't want to borrow any money.
  • Sounds like Richard.
  • They're all alike.
  • Richard is a real Stewart.
  • He's independent,
  • and sometimes just stubborn.
  • When did you buy a house?
  • After Richard was born.
  • I was teaching music,
  • and Philip was opening his first medical office.
  • Where was the house?
  • Right here in Riverdale.
  • Of course, it was a small house,
  • but just right for us.
  • It's funny. History repeats itself.
  • Now Richard and I are having a baby,
  • and we probably won't be able to
  • afford a house right away, either.
  • Why don't you look at some houses, Marilyn?
  • Good idea. \u597D\u4E3B\u610F\u3002
  • Look in the real-estate section of Sunday's Times.
  • You'll learn a lot.
  • Maybe we should
  • speak to a real-estate agent about a house.
  • And a bank about a mortgage.
  • I'll talk to Richard about it.
  • I think it's a good idea, Ellen.
  • We can learn a lot by asking.
  • And if I can be of any help,
  • let me know.
  • As a matter of fact,
  • my friend Virginia Martinelli is a real-estate agent.
  • Good.
  • You won't believe this,
  • but she sold us our first house and this one.
  • Well, I'll tell Richard,
  • and we'll go to see her.
  • Do you think the skirt length is right, Ellen?
  • Do you think it's too long?
  • I think the skirt is just right.
  • Are you planning to attach a train to it?
  • No. No train. Just the dress.
  • But I am going to make a headpiece of lace.
  • That dress is gorgeous.
  • Thanks, Ellen.
  • And thanks for the advice about the house.
  • I'll talk to Richard about it
  • the minute he comes home.
  • And remember,
  • we love having you here.
  • There's no need to rush.


  • mother-in-law: the mother of a person's husbandof wife. 岳母;婆婆。
  • I'd like your opinion. = I'd like to know what youthink about something. 我想听听您的意见。
  • About what? = My opinion about what? 我的什么意见?在上下文比较清楚时,句中可省略不必重复的部分。
  • With a baby coming: Marilyn means that She isgoing to have a baby. 快要生孩子了。
  • Our own place: a house belonging to ourselves. 自己的房子。
  • at this point: at this time. 在这个时刻。
  • room: enough space. 地方,空间。
  • pregnant: a woman having an unborn child in the body. 怀孕。
  • natural: being what is or happens ordinarily in theworld. 自然的。
  • We couldn't afford it. = We didn't have enoughmoney to buy it. 我们买不起。
  • lend: to give something to someone with the understanding that the person will return it. 借出,借给。例如: I lent him a few books. 我借给他了几本书。
  • borrow: to take something from someone withthe understanding that you will return it. 借来。例如: He borrowed a few books from me.  他从我这儿借走了几本书。
  • Sounds like Richard. = It sounds like Richard. 听起来像 Richard一样。
  • alike; similar. 一样,相同。
  • stubborn: refusing to change a belief or condition. 顽固的,倔强的。
  • When did you buy a house? 你们什么时候买的房子? Marilyn 把重音放在助动词did上了。如果句中的助动词重读了,表示急于知道更多的内容,否则句中助动词不重读。
  • History repeats itself. 历史在重复。今天发生在Richard 夫妇身上的情况与多年前他父母买房的情景相似。
  • Why don't you look at some houses? = I thinkyou should look at some houses first. 你们为什么不先看看房子呢?这是提建议的一种说法。
  • real-estate section: the part of a newspaper thatlists homes for sale. 报纸上刊登出售房子消息的版面
  • Times: This is a short name for the New YorkTimes, a newspaper. 《纽约时报》的简称。
  • real-estate agent: someone who helps people find ahouse to buy. 房地产经纪人。
  • mortgage: 抵押。 An agreement to have money lentso as to buy a house, with the house belonging to the lender until the money is repaid. Usually the payback period is about fifteen to thirty years. 以房子作抵押向银行借款。大约用15到30年时间还清借款。
  • train: the back part of a long dress that touchesthe ground. 长裙拖地部分。
  • headpiece of lace: something pretty worn on the head as a decoration. 缀边的头饰。
  • gorgeous: very beautiful. 很漂亮。





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