Thanksgiving /感恩节

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  • Thanksgiving ACT I
  • OK, Philip. This is your third cup of coffee.
  • We should get to work,
  • or we won't be finished by dinnertime.
  • I guess we must.
  • We must.
  • OK. The beginning of my famous Thanksgiving apple pie.
  • One apple. Two apples. Three apples. Four apples.
  • Come on, Philip!
  • Get busy with your famous apple pie.
  • There's much more to be done.
  • Now, the ingredients.
  • What goes into my apple pie besides apples?
  • Ah, yes. Flour, sugar, butter.
  • Butter, nice and cold and hard.
  • OK, here are the walnuts.
  • Last but not least,
  • the reason my apple pie is famous--cinnamon.
  • Cinnamon ...
  • Ellen, where's the cinnamon?
  • If there is any cinnamon,
  • it's in the cabinet with the salt and pepper.
  • Salt, pepper, dill weed, garlic powder, cinnamon. Ellen?
  • Yes, Philip.
  • Is it possible that we forgot to buy cinnamon?
  • Yes, it is possible that we forgot to buy cinnamon.
  • Well, how can I make my famous apple pie without cinnamon?
  • Good morning.
  • Oh, hi, Robbie. Good morning.
  • Good morning. Robbie.
  • Can you do me a favor?
  • Sure, Dad. What?
  • Remember my apple pie on Thanksgiving?
  • What do you love about it?
  • The apples?
  • No. The sssss...
  • Cinnamon.
  • Right. We don't have any cinnamon.
  • I'll go down to Henry's grocery. He's always open.
  • I'll get some for you.
  • That's my boy!
  • Oh, put your heavy jacket on, Robbie.
  • It's cold outside.
  • Alexandra might call.
  • Tell her I'll call her right back.
  • OK.
  • Thanks, Son.
  • Uh, why does he always have to slam the door?
  • Hello.... Hello, Alexandra. How are you? ... Fine.
  • Robbie just went to the store.
  • He'll be back soon.
  • He said he'll call you.
  • ... Oh, oh, I see.... Oh ... certainly. ...
  • Well, do you have the phone number there?
  • ... Oh ... I see.... Please, I know he wants to talk to you.... ...
  • Thank you,
  • and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, too.
  • Try to come by later for dessert.... Bye.
  • That was Alexandra.
  • She and the Molinas
  • are going to spend Thanksgiving with their cousins.
  • She doesn't have the phone number.
  • Oh, Robbie will be disappointed.
  • He'll be grouchy.
  • Maybe she'll call back. She promised.
  • Here's your cinnamon, Pop.
  • It was a dollar and sixty cents.
  • You forgot to ask me for the change.
  • Or did you forget to give it to me?
  • Thanks, Son.
  • Alexandra called.
  • I'll call her back.
  • She said she'll call you later.
  • She's not at home.
  • You should have your breakfast, Son.
  • Make you feel better.
  • Protein, vitamins.
  • She said she'll call back?
  • Yes, she did.
  • Good morning, everyone!
  • Happy Turkey Day!
  • What's wrong?
  • Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  • What's gotten into him?
  • He missed a phone call.
  • From ...?
  • Yes, Alexandra.
  • It's nice to see young love.... Oh, to be young again!
  • Where's the coffee?


  • get to work:start to work.开始工作。
  • apple pie:苹果派。
  • There's much more to be done. =We have a lot more to do. 我们有很多事要做。
  • ingredient:配料。
  • walnuts:核桃。
  • Last but not least:Last but also as important as those mentioned above. 最后但也是很重要的(一点)。
  • cinnamon:桂皮粉。在此词中,c的发音为[s]。字母c在字母i、e、y之前,常发[s] 音,如city、cycle、celebrate;在其它字母前,c则发[k] 音,如 cup, coffee, cabinet, cold。
  • cabinet:a place to keep things such as dishes and food.橱柜,壁橱。
  • spice:调味品
  • rack:搁物架。此处指放置各种调味品小瓶的架子。
  • pepper:胡椒粉。
  • dill weed:莳萝(香辣佐料)。
  • garlic powder:大蒜粉。
  • It is possible that…=Maybe…有可能,大概。
  • Can you do me a favor? =Can you do something for me?你能帮我个忙吗?请别人帮忙时常用这句话,还有一些类似的表达方法:Can you lend me a hand? Will you please help me?
  • We don't have any…=We have no…我们没有…。 A negative sentence with any usually means the same as a positive sentence with no. 否定句加any与肯定句加no表示同样的意思。
  • That's my boy! = You're a good son. 好儿子!
  • jacket:茄克。
  • put on:穿上(指穿的动作)。例如:put on the coat, put the hat on.
  • Alexandra might call. = Maybe Alexandra will call, or Alexandra may call. Alexandra可能会来电话。
  • call her right back:to telephone her immediately. 马上给她往回打电话。
  • slam the door =to close the door with force, making a loud noise. “砰”的一声关上门。
  • I see. =I understand. 我知道了,明白。
  • come by:to visit for a short time. 顺路拜访,串门。
  • cousin:堂(表)兄弟或姐妹。
  • grouchy:in a bad mood; complaining. 情绪不佳,闹别扭,发牢骚,抱怨。
  • change:the money returned to you after you pay for something. 零钱,买东西后找回的钱。If Robbie gave the grocer five dollars, and the cinnamon cost a dollar and sixty cents, Robbie's change was three dollars and forty cents.
  • Make you feel better. =It will make you feel better.这会使你舒服些。
  • protein:蛋白质。 Eating foods with protein is necessary for a healthy diet. Meat, cheese, eggs, and fish contain protein. 维持身体健康必须吃含有蛋白质的食品。肉、奶酪、蛋、鱼都含有蛋白质。
  • vitamin:维生素。
  • What's gotten into him? =What's bothering him? 他怎么了?出什么事了?类似的用语还有: What's troubling him? What's the trouble with him? What's wrong with him? What's the matter? What's happened to him? What's up?





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