46 Linden Street /林登大街46号

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  • 46 Linden Street ACT II
  • Excuse me, officer.
  • Can you help me?
  • Sure.
  • Can you tell me
  • how to get to Linden Street, in Riverdale?
  • You should take the number 1 subway.
  • Is there a station near here?
  • Yes. The station's that way.
  • You should take the number 1 train
  • to Van Cortlandt Park.
  • Number 1 train to Van Cortlandt Park. Thank you.
  • Anytime. Good luck.
  • Remember, the number 1 train. The uptown platform.
  • Thank you.
  • You're welcome.
  • Is this pink too bright for me?
  • Mmm-hmm. It is a very bright pink.
  • Try this. It's size eight.
  • But I wear size ten.
  • How about green? It's size ten.
  • Let me try it on.
  • I'm taking too much of your time.
  • It's six o'clock.
  • Where's my husband?
  • I was expecting him here at five forty-five.
  • Don't worry. The traffic is very heavy at this hour.
  • I know. But we're going to be late for dinner.
  • I'll take this green sweater.
  • I like the color on me, don't you?
  • I think it looks terrific on you.
  • I'm sorry I'm so late.
  • I had a really bad day.
  • It's ten after six. We're late.
  • Robbie's cooking tonight, and dinner's at six thirty.
  • I know. I know. I'm really sorry.
  • I left my bag of film on the ferry.
  • I went back for it, but the ferry was gone.
  • I lost a whole day's work.
  • I'll call the Staten Island Ferry lost-and-found office.
  • I didn't think of that. Thanks.
  • Hello.
  • Yes. The number, please,
  • of the Staten Island Ferry lost-and-found office.
  • Five five five...zero eight zero eight.
  • Thank you.
  • I really appreciate it, Marilyn.
  • Hello.
  • Did anyone find a camera bag this afternoon,
  • a small canvas bag,
  • on the J. F. Kennedy Ferry?...No?
  • Maybe someone will find it.
  • The name is Stewart, Richard Stewart.
  • And the telephone number is five five five...
  • three oh nine oh. Thank you.
  • Sorry, Richard. They don't have it.
  • Thanks, anyway.
  • There was a girl on the ferry.
  • Now maybe...
  • Tell me about it on the way home.


  • “Richard Stewart,46 Linden Street, Riverdale, New York.”这是一般地址的说法。如果写在信上,应为: Richard stewart 46 Linden Street, Riverdale, New York, N. Y. ×××××(邮政编码) U.S.A.
  • You should take the number 1 subway.你应乘一路地铁。
  • You should take the number 1 train to Van Cortlandt Park. 你应乘一路车在Van Cortlandt Park 下车。
  • Anytime.=My pleasure.不用谢。Use Anytime after someone thanks you for doing something.
  • Good luck. 祝你好运。一般用于与人分手时,回答也用Good luck。
  • uptown platform:the place to wait for trains going north. 北线月台。在纽约,地铁线有uptown 北线(向北驶)和downtown南线(向南驶)之分,在每个地铁站口都有标志。
  • boutique:a small store that sells clothing and other special items. (妇女)时装店。
  • Try this [She takes a red sweater from a table. ]  It's size eight. 试试这一件,[她从桌子上拿起一件红色毛衣]这是8号的。
  • Let me…=Permit  me…让我……,允许我……。The customer uses an informal pronunciation. She says Lemme. 在说这两个字时,这位顾客使用的是口语音:Lemme。
  • try (it) on:You try on an item of clothing to be sure that the size is correct and that you like the way  it  looks. 试穿。
  • six o'clock:6点钟。
  • five forty-five:5点45分。
  • The traffic is very heavy.=There are many cars. 交通很拥挤。
  • hour:钟点。h不发音,它的发音同our。
  • I like the color on me, don't you? 我觉得我穿这颜色不错,你说呢?
  • I had a really bad day. 我今天真是糟透了。
  • ten after six:6点10分。
  • six thirty:6点30分。
  • I left my bag of film on…我把装底片的包遗放在……上了。
  • ferry:A ferry is a boat that carries passengers or vehicles across a river or a narrow bit of sea. 渡船(用来运送乘客或车辆过河或海)。
  • I went back for it. 我回去找(它)。
  • I lost a whole day's work. 我把一整天的工作成果都丢了。
  • lost-and-found office:If you find something that doesn't belong to you, you take it to a lost-and-found office. People can go to this office to get their lost things. 失物招领处。
  • think of:If you think of something, You remember it or it comes into your mind. 记起,想到。例如:“I didn't think of that.”“我就没想到这个”。
  • dial:拨电话。
  • The number, please, of the…请告诉我……的电话号码。用此来向查号台询问电话号码。
  • I really appreciate it, Marilyn. 我实在太感谢你(为我所做的这一切)了,Marilyn
  • small canvas bag:小的粗帆布包。这里用了两个形容词来修饰“bag”(包)一词:small指尺寸;canvas(粗帆布)指材料。一般形容词的排列顺序是表示尺寸的放在前,表示材料的放在后。
  • She hangs up. 她挂上(电话机)。
  • Thanks, anyway. 无论如何,我还是要谢谢你。 Use this expression to thank someone who tries to help but isn't able to. 当有人尽力想帮你但没帮上忙时可用此短语道谢。
  • Tell me about it on the way home. 在回家的路上告诉我吧。





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