You're Tops /你是高手

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  • You're Tops ACT II
  • Sam, would you come in, please?
  • You sound like something's bothering you, Susan.
  • The sketches for the cover of the new doll book?
  • That's not it.
  • Please sit down.
  • Sure.
  • I need your advice on a personsal matter,
  • but it's not about me.
  • You need my advice on a personal matter,
  • and it's not about you. OK.
  • It's about my grandfather.
  • What's the problem?
  • It won't sound like a big deal,
  • but it is.
  • I had dinner with him Saturday,
  • and he's very unhappy about not working.
  • I thought he was retired
  • and pleased to be living with the family.
  • He is,
  • but there's so much energy and talent in the man,
  • and he doesn't get to use it.
  • But what can I do?
  • What kind of advice are you looking for?
  • Simply this.
  • John Marchetta runs this company.
  • He founded this company.
  • Right.
  • John Marchetta gave me my start here six years ago,
  • When I first graduated from college.
  • He gave me the chance to use my talents
  • and made me feel more confident.
  • Right.
  • Maybe he can do the same thing for your grandfather.
  • Or at least give him some advice.
  • Right.
  • Then I've solved your problem.
  • I can always depend on you, Sam.
  • I'm glad to help.
  • Shall I call Mr. Marchetta for you?
  • No, no. I'll do that.
  • Thanks.
  • Now, how's the Stewart family?
  • Fine, thank you, Mr. Mrarchetta.
  • Except for my grandfather.
  • What's wrong, Susan?
  • What's wrong with him?
  • He needs to work.
  • In fact, that is the reason why I'm here to see you.
  • I know you're building a new factory,
  • and I thought ... maybe ...
  • my grandfather is
  • so experienced in the construction trade,
  • he could be so valuable.
  • Tell him to come and see me
  • at ten o'clock tomorrow morning.
  • I have an idea that may solve the problem for him
  • and help a lot of other people.
  • Really, Mr. Marchetta?
  • Can I tell him that?
  • Sure can.
  • Ten o'clock in the morning. Here.
  • Oh, thank you!


  • bother: cause trouble to, worry.使烦恼,打扰。
  • personal matter: a thing about oneself rather than business.个人事情,私事。
  • a big  deal:something  very  important.很重要的事情。
  • unhappy  about:not happy  because of. 因为……而不高兴。
  • I thought he was retired and pleased to be living with the family. 我原以为他退休之后,乐于和家人生活在一起。
  • run:direct, manage (business, company)organize.经营,管理,组织。
  • founded(原形为 found): established, set up, began. 建立,创立,创办。注意不要把这个词和find的过去式found混淆。
  • made me feel more confident:made me feel surer of myself. 使我更有信心。 make sb. do sth.是make加不带to的不定式作宾补,其他类似的动词还有feel, let, see, watch, have等。
  • at least:to the least or smallest extent.至少。
  • depend on: to know(someone) will help, rely on. 依靠;信赖。也可写作 depend  upon。
  • Shall I  call  Mr. Marchetta  for  you?要不要我给Mr.Marchetta打电话?表示主动为某人做某事时,要注意情态动词shall和would等的用法。主语是I或we时,一般用shall,例如:“Shall I/we wait for you.”,主语是you时,用would,例如:“Would you like me to help you?”。
  • How's the Stewart family? Stewart全家人还好吗?这里动词用单数is,因为family是集体名词,表示全家人作为一个整体。
  • except  for:除……之外。注意except for与except的区别:except除去的人或事与未除去的人或事是同一类,例如:“All students except him went to the movie.”,而 except for除去的则是另一类人或事,例如:“Except for some spelling mistakes, the composition is very good.”。
  • Is so experienced in the construction trade:having long working experience in the business of building things. 在建筑行业很有经验。
  • valuable:useful, of great value. 有价值的,有用的。注意以下几个词的意思:invaluable, valueless, unvalued, valued。
  • Sure can. Informal use, meanin “you certainly can. ”当然可以。非正式用法。





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