You're Tops /你是高手

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  • You're Tops ACT III
  • Hi. I'm Malcolm Stewart.
  • John Marchetta.
  • Sit down, sit down.
  • Susan has told me a great deal about you.
  • She says you're quite a man.
  • She says
  • a lot of wonderful things about you too, Mr. Stewart.
  • That's always nice to hear, Mr. Marchetta.
  • Call me John.
  • May I call you Malcolm?
  • Let's talk business.
  • That's music to my ears.
  • I understand
  • you used to be in the construction business.
  • Yup. Forty-three years.
  • Here's a brief description
  • of forty-three years of on-the-job training.
  • That is some history!
  • You're a valuable asset, Malcolm.
  • Very valuable.
  • Thank you.
  • Yup. Forty-three years.
  • Half that time in my own construction company.
  • Big jobs--factories, shopping malls.
  • That kind of thing.
  • Then you retired.
  • Yes.
  • After my wife died,
  • and I felt I should spend more time
  • with my children and grandchildren.
  • I lived in Florida,
  • and they lived in New York.
  • I understand.
  • My dautghter Cami lives in New York.
  • I like being near her.
  • When I came here,
  • I planned to take a few months off.
  • Relax with the family and then look for some work.
  • Put my experience on the line ...
  • but, unfortunately,
  • there isn't any work for a retired person my age.
  • Sometimes there is,
  • and sometimes there isn't.
  • Well, I'm involved with an organization,
  • and we're trying to resolve that problem.
  • What's that?
  • TOPS.
  • T-O-P-S--means Talented Older People's Society.
  • I'd like to be a member.
  • How much are the dues?
  • There are no dues.
  • The organization serves major companies in this city.
  • Why?
  • Because our members are men and women like you.
  • Experienced, talented, retired.
  • But our members want to go out there
  • and use their talents.
  • They want to work.
  • That is fantastic, John!
  • I've got an idea for you, Malcolm.
  • Just fill out this form for me.
  • It'll only take a few minutes.
  • Sit right here,
  • and do it while I talk to my secretary.
  • When I get back, we'll talk about my new factory.
  • My company is a member of TOPS.
  • So I try hard to find opportunities for people like you.
  • Malcolm.
  • And when I see an opportunity,
  • I can act on it.
  • Well, I can use your brainpower on the job right now.
  • Have you got time this morning
  • to go over to the construction site with me?
  • I'd like to have you meet my foreman--
  • get some background on the job.
  • I've got plenty of time.
  • I'll be right back.
  • We'll go over to the job site together.
  • Malcolm, you worked on the Spaceport project?
  • My company was the contractor.
  • I built the theater there
  • with my own two hands, practically.
  • I understand.
  • Well,
  • I'm glad to see you two guys getting along so well
  • because, Danny,
  • Malcolm is on the TOPS team.
  • He's going to be working with you for a while.
  • His experience will be valuable to both of us.
  • Welcome aboard, Malcolm!
  • I'm going back to my office.
  • Give me a call later, Malcolm.
  • I'll tell you the time and date of the next TOPS meeting.
  • I'd like you to meet the group.
  • I will, John.
  • And again--thanks.
  • No ... thank you.
  • And thank Susan.
  • He's quite a man.
  • A real inspiration for me.
  • OK, Danny.
  • I know you didn't expect to have me around,
  • but I think I can be of some help to you.
  • Let me tell you something, Malcolm.
  • With your background and experience,
  • I can learn something
  • ... and I do need some advice on a difficult problem.
  • Let me show you this.
  • I don't want to give you a final opinion
  • without studying these building plans more carefully.
  • But a simple solution might be
  • to move the air-conditioning units
  • instead of redesigning the entire system.
  • It might be simpler and less expensive .
  • You just earned your weight in gold, Malcolm.
  • Welcome aboard!
  • It all happened so quickly!
  • I can't believe it!
  • I'm glad Mr. Marchetta was so helpful.
  • He was more than helpful.
  • He actually took me to meet his foreman.
  • I'm thrilled for you, Grandpa.
  • I don't know how to thank you, Susan.
  • You're a wonderful granddaughter.
  • It's good to see you so happy.
  • I'll be at the construction site tomorrow.
  • What are you doing tomorrow night?
  • I'm not doing anything.
  • Why?
  • How about a date with your grandfather?
  • I owe you a good steak dinner.
  • I'll accept.
  • Tomorrow night.
  • You and me. Dinner.
  • What time?
  • I'll pick you up here at seven .
  • Is that OK?
  • I can't wait!
  • And you can tell me
  • all about your first full day back on the job.
  • It's a deal!


  • a great deal: a lot. 很多。也可以说 a great dea of sth. , 但后面的名词只能是不可数的。
  • You're quite a man. 你真是个了不起的人。
  • talk business:to talk about business.  谈工作, 谈生意。这是个惯用语。通常talk之后要有介词, 再加名同, 即talk about business。
  • That's music to my ears.  It sounds great to me, that's what I  want to hear. 正合我意;正是我想听的。
  • brief:short. 简短的。
  • on-the-job training: experience while working. 指工作经历。美国人很重视实际工作经验, 所以他们把工作经历称为“工作时的培训”。
  • résumé:a statement that gives a history of your work experience and education.  履历。
  • some:a wonderful…了不起的。这是一种非正式用法。
  • asset:a  good thing or person to  have.  资产, 财富, 人才。
  • shopping malls:groups of many stores with ways for people to walk and with a large area to park cars.  (集中很多商店和百货公司的)大型购物中心。
  • I like being near her.  我喜欢离她近一点。这里like后面接-ing形式, 表示“经常或总是或习惯性地”喜欢某事, 如果动词不定式, 则表示一件事。
  • to  take  a  few  months  off:休息几个月。
  • put my experience on the line:to test my experience by trying something.  考验我的阅历。
  • I'm involved with an organization.  我参加了一个组织。 be involved with意思是“与……有关系”, “与……有牵连”。
  • resolve:to find an answer(to a problem). 解决(问题)。
  • TOPS:这是 Talented Older People's Society的缩写, 即优秀老人协会。另外Tops这个词本身也有“最优秀”的意思, 即“the best”, 所以 TOPS是个含义丰富的机构名称。
  • dues: the cost to be a member. 费用, 会费。
  • major:large and important. 主要的, 大的。
  • fantastic:wonderful. 太好了, 棒极了。
  • fill out this form for me:请把这张表填好。 fill out意思是“填写(表格)”, 这是美国用法, 英国英语用 fill in。
  • act on:遵行, 按……行动。
  • brainpower:脑力, 智慧。
  • site:location, place. 场地, 工地。
  • foreman: someone in charge of a group of workers, especially in a factory or in a construction business. 工头, 监工。
  • I'll be right back. 我马上回来。
  • worked on  the Spaceport project:参与了 Spaceport建设工程。work on是“从事……”, “参与……的工作”的意思。
  • contractor: a person or company that is paid to get materials and do construction work. (工程)承包商, 立约人。
  • with  my  own two hands:without help, by myself.  独立地。
  • practically:almost. 差不多, 几乎。
  • getting along so well:相处得好。例如: The new teacher is getting along well with the students. 新老师和学生们相处得很好。
  • Welcome abroad.  Welcome to our group. 欢迎加入。在欢迎新成员时通常用这个表达法
  • I will. 我会的。这是对上一句话“I'd like you to meet the group. ”的回答。当问句中用 would, might, could等词时, 回答时要用will, may, can 等词表示确定之意。
  • inspiration: someone or something that strongly affects your action or thinking in a positive way.
  • to have me around: for me to be with you. 有我在你身边(共事)。
  • be of some help:to help a little. 有所帮助。这里的介词of表示“具有”, 例如: He is a man of importance. 他是个重要的人。
  • air-conditioning units:large machines that cool the air. 空调设备。
  • redesigning: designing again.  重新设计。很多动词前加re-, 表示“重新、再、又”等意思, 如rewrite, reconsider, repay等。
  • earned your weight in gold: helped very much.  你帮了大忙。当某人完成一件很重要的工作时, 可用这个惯用语表示致谢。
  • He was more than helpful. 他不仅仅是帮忙。
  • What are you doing tomorrow night?你明天晚上有什么安排?这里用现在进行时态表示将来要发生的事情
  • owe: need to pay back. 欠。文中的“I owe you a good steak dinner. ”意思是“我应该请你吃一顿牛排晚餐以示感谢”。
  • back on the job: returning to work. 又开始工作。
  • It's a deal!= It's a good deal. 一言为定。





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