Smell the Flowers /忙里偷闲


    Useful Language

  • respond to a command informally:非正式回答命令
  • Will do. Right.
  • ask why:询问为什么
  • What for?
  • ask someone to continue:请对方继续
  • Go on. What else?
  • ask to see something:请对方出示物品
  • Would you show me the drawings, please
  • give commands:下达命令
  • Make sure everybody is at that meeting.
  • say something probably isn't important:说某事可能不重要
  • It's probably nothing.
  • ask someone not to let you forget something:请他人提醒你
  • Remind me to leave at 12:45.
  • interrupt someone to introduce a new idea:打断对方说话
  • Wait a minute… 
  • say you think something is true:说自己认为某事属实
  • It seems to me… I have a feeling…
  • ask for help with solving a problem:征询意见
  • Any suggestions?
  • excuse someone for being impolite:为他人不当举止辩解
  • Michelle is a little shy.
  • talk about past habits:谈过去习惯
  • I used to be that way. We would go down to the beach and catch crabs.
  • say you have the answer to a problem:说你已解决某一难题
  • I just solved the mystery.
  • ask how someone will deal with a problem:询问对方如何处理难题
  • What are you going to do about…?
  • ask for a waiter's advice:请侍者建议
  • What do you recommend?
  • say something is popular:说某物正合时令
  • The crab salad is always a big hit.
  • begin a serious conversation:开始严肃话题
  • Michelle, can we have a talk?
  • avoid answering directly:避免直接回答
  • It's too hard to explain.
  • allow someone to cancel an appointment:同意他人取消约会
  • If Michelle doesn't want to go, we don't have to.
  • excuse yourself for a moment:请对方稍候
  • Could you wait one minute? I have a call to make.
  • make excuses:辩解
  • I find myself in an embarrassing/a difficult situation.


  • * 介词for的用法灵活多样,仅将这一集中出现的一些用法收集在下面供参考: the sketches for the toy spaceship the new drawings for the toy spaceship your other appointment for today Michelle picked these flowers out for you. get Mr.Levine on the telephone for me another lunch date for today I'll wait for my father. take you for a ride fill in for me Good for you. * 像介词的副词也多次出现,如: Come on. Go on. your last day off take some time off pick …out It's so nice out. fill in for… 这些组合的确切意思有时需从上下文来理解。 * at Rossano's:在罗萨诺饭店。商店、餐馆、人家等常以主人姓名加上“’s”称之,如: the Johnsons'约翰逊夫妇家 也可以在其职业加上“’s”称之,如: the butcher's 肉店 the grocer's 副食店 the baker's 面包房 the tailor's 成衣店 the barber's 理发店 the hairdresser's 美发厅 * 英语中助词及be动词经常在口语中被压缩而轻轻带过去。如果主语是代词时,像 I'd like to…/He's here/You'll be able to…等,我们已经较熟悉了,但有时主语是名词,甚至是较长的名词,这时要注意听,否则会漏过去,理解也就不确切了。如: I think the kids'll love it. The production department's waiting… 又如:How'd you do it.(=How did you do it?)也是不易听清楚的。 * 事业妨碍爱情时,牺牲哪一方面,是个重大的抉择,对于女子事业家更是如此。今天苏珊就成功地解决了一个小小的难题。但是以后还能这样容易吗?





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