Smell the Flowers /忙里偷闲

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  • Smell the Flowers ACT III
  • Oh, it's a quarter to four,
  • and I have a production meeting at four.
  • I planned to take you for a ride in Central Park
  • in a horse and carriage.
  • Harry, I'd love to,
  • but I have work to do.
  • OK. We'll walk back to your office with you.
  • It's so nice out.
  • I decided to forget about my accounting problems
  • and just enjoy this beautiful spring day.
  • Take the time, Susan.
  • I know I should,
  • but ... well, there are too many things to do.
  • I understand.
  • I'll go for a ride with Michelle.
  • Right.
  • Well, I had a really nice time.
  • So did I.
  • So did I.
  • I'm sorry you can't come with us, Susan.
  • So am I.
  • Bye-bye.
  • Harry! Michelle! Can you wait till I make a phone call?
  • Sure.
  • Susan Stewart's office.
  • Sam, this is Susan.
  • Hi. How was lunch?
  • Fine.
  • You're late.
  • The production department's waiting in the conference room.
  • I know.
  • Ask Paul Smith to fill in for me.
  • He knows everything about the production schedule,
  • and he can answer any questions.
  • Right.
  • Don't tell any one,
  • but I'm taking a little time to smell the flowers.
  • Good for you.
  • It'll be our secret.
  • But schedule another production meeting for tomorrow.
  • I'll be back
  • for my six o'clock appointment with Mr. Ozawa.
  • OK, Susan.
  • And have a nice afternoon.
  • Thanks.
  • She likes you.
  • I know. I like her.
  • How'd you do it?
  • We had a talk.
  • About what?
  • Life.
  • And what did you decide?
  • That's a secret ... between us women.


  • sightseeing: 观光,游览。
  • take (you) for a ride: 带(你)去坐车。 take for是 短语动词,意思是 lead( someone) out on (a ride, walk, etc.),带(某人)去(乘车,散步等)。例如:She took my sister for a walk. We'll take the children for a swim.
  • Central Park: 中央公园。纽约市的中央公园位于Manhattan中心,是美国最大的公园之一。
  • carriage: 四轮马车。
  • It's so nice out.=The weather is so beautiful. 外面天气真好。 Here, out means“outside”.在此out意思为 “outside”。
  • accounting: 会计;记账,账。
  • problem: 问题,疑难问题。
  • So did I. =I also had a nice time. 我也玩得很愉快。下面一句 So am I. =I am also sorry you can't come with us. 你不能和我们一起去,我也很遗憾。
  • pay phone: 公用电话(亭)。
  • fill in for me: to take my place. 代替。 To fill in for someone is to do someone's job for a short period of time. To fill in for someone 的意思是“暂时代替某人处理事务”。
  • He can answer any questions. =If there are questions, he can answer them. 他可以回答任何问题。
  • Good for you. =I'm glad to hear it ; congratulations! 为你高兴。
  • secret: 秘密。
  • taxicab: 出租汽车。
  • decide: 得……结论;决定。
  • continue: to go on happening. 继续。





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