A Real Stewart /真正的Stewart家后代

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  • A Real Stewart ACT I
  • There's nothing more joyous than the arrival of a new baby.
  • I am so excited. Mother!
  • Just imagine--Marilyn and Richard must be thrilled!
  • Oh, a new baby!
  • Max ... Max ... Max.
  • Oh, it's a sweet-sounding name for a sweet little boy.
  • My first grandchild.
  • And my first nephew.
  • Isn't he just adorable?
  • He looks a lot like you, Mom. He does.
  • Do you think so?
  • Well, I guess. He does look a lot like Richard,
  • and I guess he looks a lot like me.
  • Oh, he's got Richard's eyes, though.
  • I really want Harry and Michelle to see Max.
  • When are they coming?
  • Tomorrow. Harry has an account to work on today.
  • Yes, he does have Richard's eyes. Big blue eyes.
  • The baby even looks at you like Richard does.
  • Well, children usually resemble their parents.
  • It's true.
  • Michelle is a lot like Harry in so many ways.
  • And she's shy with new people, just like he is.
  • You really like Michelle, don't you?
  • Yes. I'm very fond of her.
  • And Harry, too?
  • Well ...
  • Uh, it's four-thirty. Oh my!
  • Marilyn and Richard will be home from the hospital any minute,
  • and we must prepare this room.
  • Where will we put all the presents?
  • Well, let's take everything to the living room.
  • Marilyn and Richard and the baby need the space.
  • It's crowded in here.
  • The welcome sign is up:
  • Isn't it exciting, Grandpa?
  • Your first great-grandchild.
  • Yes. Yes, sir.
  • A great-grandchild. A great-grandson.
  • Another generation to carry on the Stewart name.
  • I love you, Grandpa.
  • You make me feel so proud to be part of our family.
  • One day, you'll have your own family,
  • and I'll be proud to be part of it.
  • Now you understand my feelings, Susan.
  • I'm Grandpa's daughter-in-law, but I feel like a Stewart.
  • He's always made me feel like his own daughter.
  • Well,
  • that's because you're so much like us--wonderful!
  • Mom, got it.
  • This will make a nice gift for Marilyn and Richard.
  • They can keep a record of all of the important dates
  • and information about Max's life here.
  • Let's see.
  • Name: Max Stewart.
  • Does he have a middle name?
  • No, just Max. I like that.
  • No middle name. No middle initial.
  • Like me. I'm Malcolm Stewart.
  • Just Malcolm Stewart.
  • And Max has your initials, Grandpa:
  • Uh, it must mean something.
  • Weight: eight pounds six ounces.
  • Eight-six. Big boy!
  • All the Stewart men were big.
  • Well, Robbie was eight pounds two ounces,
  • and Richard was eight pounds three.
  • And me?
  • Eight pounds six.
  • You were big, just like Max.
  • Eight pounds six, just like me.
  • That's nice. Length. Length?
  • Richard says Max is twenty-one inches long.
  • Twenty-one inches.
  • Is that tall or average or what?
  • Tall. All the Stewart men are tall.
  • Well, Grandpa, you're about five-nine or five-ten.
  • I wouldn't call that tall.
  • I take after my mother's family.
  • They were ... they were ... they were average.
  • Mother: Marilyn. Father: Richard.
  • And lots of pages for Richard's photos of Max.
  • Speaking of mother and of father
  • --and speaking of Max--I hear the car.
  • They're here!
  • Oh! Oh, quickly! Go, go, go!
  • Let's see. Oh, welcome home.
  • Oh, let her in.
  • Wait with your pictures for a second.
  • Come on, darlings.
  • Sweetheart .... Sit down right here.
  • Oh, he's so cute! Oh, Marilyn!
  • Max looks just like Grandpa.
  • A real Stewart.
  • I'm so happy to be home with my family--and with Max.


  • joyous: happy. 喜悦的。
  • thrilled: extremely pleased.  高兴极了。I was thrilled to be sitting next to the famous actor.  坐在那位名演员身边我高兴极了。
  • nephew: the son of one's brother or sister.  侄子, 外甥。
  • adorable: cute, lovely.  可爱的。
  • He's got Richard's eyes.  他的眼睛和 Richard的像极了。表达某人与某人相像时, 除了用look like, resemble, alike 等词外, 还可以说 sb.  has got sb. 's features, 具体说明哪个部位相像。
  • When are they coming? 他们什么时候来?come, go等动词常用进行时态表示将来时, 例如:The rain is coming. 雨要来了。不要把这类句子看成进行时
  • Harry has an account work to do today.  Harry今天有项会计工作要做。
  • like Richard does: 像 Richard 那样(看)。这是非正式用法, 相当于 as Richard does。like也有“像……一样”的意思, 但后面一般接名词或代词, 而不接句子。
  • resemble: to look like.  长得像(某人)。
  • in so many ways: 在很多方面。 The research project is successful in so many ways.  这项研究工作在很多方面都很成功。
  • I'm very fond of her. =I like her a lot.  我很喜欢她。
  • Well…: 嗯……。说话时, 如果一时回答不上来, 或犹豫不决, 可用Well…拖延时间。
  • Oh my! 啊, 天哪!表示惊讶的感叹句
  • any minute: very soon.  随时, 立即。
  • any minute: very soon.  随时, 立即。
  • The Welcome sign is up.  欢迎的标语已经挂好了。 up本意是“结束, 完毕”, 例如:The game is up.  比赛结束了。
  • great-grandchild: a child of your grandchild.  (外)曾孙, (外)曾孙女。
  • generation: the family members who are born at about the same time.  一代人。
  • to carry on the Stewart name: to use the Stewart name; to keep the Stewart name alive.  继承Stewart 家的姓;传宗接代。
  • feel so proud to be: 为……而感到自豪。也可以说 to feel/ be proud of doing sth。例如:I am proud of being a Chinese。
  • daughter-in-law: 儿媳妇。
  • got it: 找到了。这是口语中省略主语的用法, 即I've got it。再比如:Want a drink? =Do you want a drink?
  • This will make a nice gift.  这是一件好礼物。句中的make不是“制作”的意思, 而是“成为, 构成”的意思, 属于非正式用法。
  • keep a record of: 为……作记录。
  • middle name: 中间名字。美国人一般有 first name, middle name和 last name。有的没有middle name。first name也称given name, 是名, last name也称 family name或 surname, 是姓氏。middle name有时是母亲的姓氏, 有时是为了纪念某位亲人而取的。
  • initial: the first letter of a name.  名字的第一个字母。initials 是姓和名的第一个字母的组合, 如M.  S.  代表 Malcolm Stewart。
  • weight: how heavy somehting or someone is.  重量。
  • eight pounds and six ounces: 8磅 6盎司, 约 4公斤。美国人通常用英制计量单位。虽然美国政府曾经积极推广采用公制单位, 但人们还是习惯用英制单位。科技和医药用公制单位。
  • Eight-six. = Eight pounds six ounces.   8磅 6盎司。讲重量时, 常常省略单位名称。
  • length: how long something.  身高, 身长。length 是形容词long的名词形式。在谈婴儿时, 身长用length, 但在谈及年龄稍大的人或成年人时, 身高需用height。注意length中的g和height中的gh不发音。
  • twenty-one inches long:  21英寸(约五十三厘米)长。表示长度或宽度时, 用be+ 数字+ 长度单位+形容词 long或 wide。例如:The table is five inches long and four inches wide。
  • five-nine: five feet nine inches.  5英尺9英寸。
  • I wouldn't call that tall.  I don't think that is very tall.  我不认为这个身高很高。
  • take after: to be like or look like.  像(某人)。例如:He takes after his grandfather.  他像他爷爷。
  • average: normal.  平均, 一般。这里 average 指“中等身材”。
  • speak of: speak about, mention.  谈到, 说起。例如:He spoke of someone we didn't know.  他谈到了一个我们不认识的人。
  • Let her in. =Let her enter or come in.  让她进来。反义词是 let her out。
  • Wait with your pictures for a second.  先别忙着拍你的照片。
  • A real Stewart.  一个真正的 Stewart家的后代。Stewart一家人常用这个短语, 指某一成员确实具备Stewart家族的优良品质。





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