A Real Stewart /真正的Stewart家后代

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  • A Real Stewart ACT II
  • It's almost ten o'clock.
  • I've got to go. Tomorrow is Monday,
  • and work begins at eight in the morning for me.
  • Oh, I'm so happy that Max is home.
  • He's the sweetest little thing.
  • I'll drive you to the station, dear.
  • You can catch the ten-twenty train to Grand Central Station.
  • I'll drive Susan, dear.
  • Thank you, Philip.
  • Then Grandpa, Robbie,
  • and I can finish wrapping all these gifts.
  • It's so good to have you home again ...
  • and to see Max asleep in his bassinet at home with us.
  • To be with our family and all that Stewart TLC.
  • TLC--tender loving care.
  • That's our motto.
  • Did you see the washcloth
  • and the towels with the teddy bears on them?
  • Alexandra and the Molinas sent them for Max.
  • It was so kind of them.
  • Now Max has come into everyone's life.
  • The house is so alive with him here.
  • The welcome sign over the door.
  • The boxes of presents.
  • The M-A-X over his bassinet.
  • Robbie put that there.
  • Susan's teddy bear.
  • So cuddly. The beautiful crib from Mom and Dad.
  • Oh, and Grandpa's baseball glove.
  • You know, it hung over my crib, too.
  • And it hung over Robbie's crib.
  • Part of Grandpa's magic?
  • Oh, that's not all.
  • It hung over Susan's crib.
  • The same baseball glove?
  • That's right. Grandpa hangs it there for good luck.
  • He says it always brought him good luck on the baseball team.
  • He believes it'll bring good luck to all the Stewart babies.
  • And then he takes it back
  • when Max is ready to use it?
  • Yes,
  • and replaces it with a new glove
  • so the old one will be ready
  • for a new member of the Stewart family.
  • Grandpa really loves his family, doesn't he?
  • So do I.
  • And so do I.
  • And so does Max.
  • After he eats!


  • I've got to go. 我得走了。在英美国家, 当客人或来访者要走时, 一般提一下当时的时间, 再说该走了。例如:“It's late, I have to leave. ”这时主人不宜强行婉留, 客人也不要说“打扰了, 耽误你的时间了”之类的话。致谢、道别即可。
  • and work begins at eight in the morning for me:早8点我就得开始工作。这里用一般现在时表示将来计划好的、肯定要发生的事情。
  • I'll drive you to the station. 我开车送你去车站。
  • catch: to have enough time to get on(bus). 赶上(车、船等)。
  • ten-twenty train: the train that leaves at twenty minutes after ten. 10点20分的那趟车
  • Grand Central Station:大中央车站(在纽约曼哈顿)。
  • finish wrapping all these gifts:把这些礼物包装完。finish这个动词后只能接名词或动名词, 即-ing形式, 不能接不定式。类似的动词还有enjoy, mind, consider, practise, risk等。
  • bassinet:摇篮。
  • TLC: Tender Loving Care; kindness and love. 温暖的关怀和照顾。这是Stewart家的家训。
  • motto: a word phrase, or sentence to express a belief or a rule to follow. 格言, 座右铭。
  • washcloth:洗脸手巾。
  • towels:浴巾。
  • teddy bears:泰迪绒毛玩具熊。
  • cuddly:抱着很舒服的
  • crib:婴儿小床。
  • baseball glove:棒球手套。
  • brought him good luck:给他带来好运气。bring sb.  good luck 意思是“给……带来好运”。在与人道别时也可以说“Good luck. ”, 即“祝你好运”。
  • takes it back:把它收回去。take back是“收回, 拿回, 取消”的意思。例如:I take back my words.我收回我的话。
  • replaces: puts a new one in place of an old one.  替换。
  • So do I.  I do, too. 我也如此。这里的So用来表示与前面说的内容相同的事情或状态, 以避免重复使用动词。一般要加上助动词或情态动词。





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