A Real Stewart /真正的Stewart家后代

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  • A Real Stewart ACT III
  • Thanks, Michelle.
  • I hope you like it.
  • Isn't this baby outfit adorable?
  • Thanks so much, Harry and Michelle.
  • We really appreciate it.
  • I'm glad you like it.
  • Michelle picked it out.
  • Yes, I told Daddy to pick blue ones.
  • Blue is for boys, and pink is for girls.
  • And Max is some boy.
  • He's a real Stewart.
  • Right.
  • That was so thoughtful of you, Michelle.
  • Especially to pick it out in blue.
  • Would you like to see baby Max, Michelle?
  • Could she? Could we?
  • Could I?
  • Take them upstairs, Susan.
  • Harry and Michelle can watch Max sleeping.
  • Let's go.
  • Come on, Michelle.
  • Before Max wakes up.
  • Will you please take this upstairs, Susan?
  • Uh-huh.
  • Thank you.
  • Michelle is very grown up for a ten-year-old, huh?
  • She's smart and sensitive for her age.
  • Growing up without a mother is difficult.
  • You mature quickly.
  • Susan's like a mother to Michelle.
  • They have a good relationship.
  • Do you think Susan and Harry will get married?
  • Yeah. You can count on it.
  • I think so. Yes. They get along so well.
  • I like him. He's good for Susan.
  • He's a little quiet.
  • It's hard to do anything but listen in this family.
  • You're right, Ellen.
  • Oh, really?
  • It's the way it should be.
  • The Stewarts are the Stewarts!
  • They always were,
  • and they always will be.
  • Right!
  • They've always got an opinion.
  • Always got something to say.
  • And now there's Max Stewart.
  • and if he talks as loudly as he cries,
  • we're all in for trouble.
  • He's quiet now.
  • Mmm-hmm. That's because he's sleeping.
  • He's really cute.
  • It's not necessary to whisper, Harry.
  • A baby gets used to voices.
  • I remember now.
  • We always whispered when Michelle was born.
  • And I didn't sleep well, Daddy told me.
  • I never slept.
  • And when I did,
  • I woke up when I heard someone speak.
  • I bet you were cute.
  • She sure was.
  • Not as cute as Max.
  • He's like a little doll.
  • Oh, good.
  • Now I can help diaper him.
  • Let's get Marilyn.
  • What do you do when he cries like that?
  • You pick him up.
  • He's so little ... so new.
  • Let's call Marilyn.
  • Time for a feeding and time for a diapering.
  • You're a real Stewart.


  • I hope you like it.  希望你喜欢。送别人礼物时, 英文一般说“I hope you like it”或“I'm glad you like it”, 而不要说“礼物不好, 请笑纳”之类的谦虚话, 否则对方会不高兴。
  • baby outfit:婴儿装。
  • We really appreciate it. 我们真的很感谢。接受别人的礼物时, 一般要表示喜欢所送礼物并致谢, 例如:“Thanks, Michelle. ”, “Isn't this baby outfit adorable?”或“I really like it, thanks so much. ”。
  • That was so thoughtful of you. 你想得真周到。It /That + is /was +形容词+ of + sb. 表示某人具有何种品质, 经常用在这个结构中的形容词有kind, thoughtful, helpful, clever等。例如:It's so kind of you to come to see me。
  • watch Max sleeping:看Max睡觉。watch除了接不带to的动词不定式之外, 也可接现在分词表示观看的动作正在
  • Michelle is very grown up: Michelle很成熟。这里的grown up 本意是“长大, 长成人”, 这里指Michelle虽然小但很成熟。
  • a ten-year-old:一个10岁的孩子。
  • sensitive: feeling emotions easily. 敏感的。
  • you: a person. 一个人。这里的you相当于正式用法的代词one, 泛指某个人。
  • mature: to grow; develop.  成熟。
  • You can count on it.  You can be sure about that.  你尽管相信好了。count on意思是“指望, 依赖, 相信”。
  • get along so well: have a good relationship. 相处得很好。也可在这个短语后加with sb. , 表示“与……相处得好”。
  • He's a little quiet. 他不太喜欢说话。
  • How can anybody get a word in.  How can anyone have a chance to speak?谁能有机会插话呢?
  • It's the way it should be. 事情本该如此。
  • in for trouble: going to have trouble. 会有麻烦, 会吃不消。
  • gets used to voices: hearing voices becomes familiar and natural. 习惯各种声音。get used to后接名词或动名词。表示“习惯于……”, 也可以说“be used to sth.  or doing sth. ”。例如:He is used to living in Beijing. 他已习惯了北京的生活。注意:sth.  is used to do sth. 表示某物被用来做某事或某物, 例如:Wood is used to make paper. 木材被用来造纸。
  • did:睡了。此处的did代替动词slept。助动词经常可以代替动词, 使话语更简炼, 如在简短的答话中Yes, I did. 当助动词代替动词时要重读。
  • She sure was. 她确实是(很逗人喜欢)。这是非正式用法, 正式用法是:She certainly was。
  • Not as cute as Max. 不如Max这么逗人喜爱。not as…as…意思是“不如……”。He is not as tall as his brother. 他不如他弟弟高。
  • diaper: to put a fresh diaper on a baby. 换尿布。
  • time for a feeding:是该喂奶的时候了。英文里表达“该做什么事”的时候, 除It's time to do sth.  以外, 也可以说It's time for doing sth.  或It's time for sth. 。





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