The Blind Date /介绍会面

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  • The Blind Date ACT I
  • Excuse me. Can you help me?
  • Sure, what do you want?
  • Where is 83 Wooster Street?
  • That's easy. Walk to the corner.
  • Then make a left turn.
  • Then walk two blocks to the traffic light.
  • Make another left to Wooster.
  • Thank you.
  • To the corner and then a left?
  • Yeah. A left.
  • Hot dog? Only seventy-five cents.
  • No. Thank you. I have a dinner date.
  • 555-9470...and it's busy....
  • Try again.
  • 555-9470...and it's still busy.
  • Excuse me, ma'am.
  • I'm looking for 83 Wooster Street.
  • Yes. Wooster Street is two blocks,
  • and 83 is to the right, about two houses.
  • Thank you, thank you!
  • You're welcome.
  • Who is it?
  • Harry Bennett. Is this Susan?
  • Yes, it is. Come up.
  • I'm on the top floor.
  • Hello, Harry. It's nice to meet you.
  • Nice to meet you, Susan.
  • Sorry I'm late.
  • The traffic. The parking. I was lost.
  • What pretty flowers! Thank you.
  • Oh, please come in.
  • Don't worry about being late. It's fine.
  • Excuse the mess. I just moved here.
  • Oh, I'd like you to meet my sister-in-law Marilyn.
  • Marilyn Stewart, this is Harry Bennett.
  • Pleased to meet you.
  • Nice to meet you, Harry.
  • Are we too late for our dinner reservation?
  • No, the restaurant will hold our table.
  • I know the owner very well.
  • I eat there a lot.
  • Do you know the phone number of the restaurant?
  • I'd like to call home
  • and leave the number with the baby-sitter.
  • Sure. The number is... five five five...seventeen twenty.
  • May I use the phone?
  • Five five seven two oh. Hello?
  • Hi, Michelle. It's Daddy.
  • Can I speak to Betty?
  • I want to leave the phone number of the restaurant...
  • Hi, Betty. I'll be at five five five...seventeen twenty.
  • OK. Thanks. See you later.
  • Well, that's done. Shall we go?
  • I'm ready. See you later, Marilyn.
  • Have a nice evening.
  • Bye, Marilyn. Hope to see you again.
  • Me, too. Have fun!
  • Thanks.
  • After you.


  • downtown Manhattan:曼哈顿闹市区(纽约市中心商业地带)。
  • Excuse me. Can you help me?劳驾,您能帮帮我吗?这是向旁人问路时的一种表达方式。
  • What do you want? The informal pronunciation is waddayawant?非正式的读法为waddayawant。
  • make a left turn:Turn to the left.向左拐弯。
  • block:a building or group of buildings built between two streets.街,街区。
  • traffic light:a set of colored lights used for controlling and directing traffic.红绿灯。
  • yeah:an informal form of yes. yes的非正规形式。
  • hot dog:a long bread roll, which is cut along the middle and has a sausage in it.热狗(面包夹香肠)。
  • date:a plan to meet someone at a special time. 约会(通常指男女社交性的约会)。blind date是不相识的男女由他人安排的第一次约会。dinnerdate是晚餐约会。
  • lost:unable to find the way. 迷路的。
  • grocery:a shop selling dry and preserved foods, like flour, coffee, sugar, rice and other things for the home.食品杂货店。
  • ma'am:a respectful word used for addressing a woman.对妇女的尊称。对未婚的女士称miss(小姐),对男士则称sir(先生)。
  • buzzer:门铃(蜂音器)。
  • intercom:对讲机。在美国的一些公寓楼安装了对讲机。来访者,像harry在楼外通过对讲机与Susan联系,她在房间内可通过按纽把楼下大门打开,放Harry进来。安装对讲机的目的是为了楼内住户的安全。intercom是intercommunication system的缩写。
  • Nice to meet you. It's nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你。第一次与某人见面时讲的问候语。
  • traffic:交通(指路上的行人与车辆)。
  • parking:停车,存车。
  • Excuse the mess. I'm sorry that things are not neat. 抱歉屋里很乱。
  • just:recently; a short time ago. 最近。
  • sister-in-law:嫂子,大、小姑子,大、小姨子,弟媳。
  • Pleased to meet you. I'm pleased to meet you. 很高兴见到你。与Nice to meet you. 的意思和用法相同。
  • reservation:an arrangement to hold a table in a restaurant for a specific time. 预订(席位、车、机、船票、旅馆房间等)。
  • baby-sitter:a person who takes care of babies or children while their perents are out. 临时保姆。
  • five five five…seventeen twenty:555-1720。这是念电话号码的一种形式。念完前三位号码,再两个两个地念后四位号码。
  • Five five five…one seven two oh.  555-1-7-2-0。这是念电话号码的另一种形式。念完前三位号码,再一个一个地念后四位号码。
  • He hangs up.他(讲完)挂断电话。
  • Shall we…? Use“Shall I”or“Shall we”to make a suggestion. This is a polite use. 用来提建议,显得礼貌。
  • Hope to see you again. 希望再见到你。对新朋友道别时讲的话。
  • Hope to see you again. 希望再见到你。对新朋友道别时讲的话。
  • After you. I'll go after you. 请先走。一般男士让女士先下车或先出门时讲的话。





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