The Blind Date /介绍会面

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  • The Blind Date ACT III
  • What happened?
  • The baby-sitter called.
  • His daughter is sick.
  • What's wrong?
  • I think she has a stomachache.
  • He's a good father.
  • So... what do you think of him?
  • He's very nice.
  • But I think he was nervous tonight.
  • It was his first date in two years.
  • Will you see him again?
  • I hope so.
  • This food is delicious.
  • He didn't get a thing to eat.
  • You ordered enough for three or four people,
  • but I'm not complaining.
  • The food is delicious.
  • Who is that?
  • Do you think it's...
  • No. You won't believe it, Marilyn!
  • I believe it. Even without looking.
  • Hi!
  • How...?
  • Your downstairs neighbor let me in.
  • Did you go home?
  • I did , but everything is OK,
  • so I decided to come back.
  • To apologize for leaving so early,
  • I brought you a little gift.
  • It's a bonsai tree
  • for your new apartment.
  • Hi, Marilyn. I hope it's not too late.
  • Oh, not at all. We're still eating.
  • Please, come in. Join us.
  • It's our meal from the restaurant.
  • And how is your daughter?
  • Oh, she's fine.
  • It was only a tummy ache.
  • It's good that you went back.
  • Yes, I think it's important for me to be there
  • since her mother died.
  • I agree. Aren't you hungry?
  • As a matter of fact... I am hungry.
  • There's lots of food left.
  • Mmm, this is delicious!
  • Enjoy!
  • I'm going to excuse myself.
  • I have a lot of work to do to get ready for tomorrow.
  • Good night, Harry. It was nice meeting you.
  • Bye, Marilyn.
  • Good night, Susan.
  • Good night, Marilyn.
  • She's going to a fashion show here in the city tomorrow.
  • She is sleeping here
  • so she won't have to travel from Riverdale in the morning.
  • You two must be close.
  • we are.
  • The whole Stewart family is close.
  • I like that.
  • And then, two years ago, my wife died.
  • You miss her.
  • I do...yes, but I have Michelle...
  • and with time...
  • Is there anyone else in your life?
  • No, not yet. What about you?
  • Oh, I date occasionally,
  • but my work keeps me busy.
  • Ooh, speaking of keeping busy-
  • I have an early start tomorrow,
  • and the baby-sitter has to get home.
  • Where did the time go?
  • It's midnight.
  • Thank you, Susan.
  • I had a nice evening.
  • Me, too, Harry.
  • Harry?
  • Yes?
  • I'd like to meet your daughter someday.
  • Does that mean that I can see you again?
  • Of course.
  • Wonderful. I'll call you,
  • and we'll go out to dinner.
  • Please do.
  • I promise I won't leave early.
  • It was for a good reason.
  • You know something?
  • What?
  • I think we're going to be good friends.
  • Good night, Susan.
  • Good night, Harry,
  • Have a safe trip home.
  • Are you all right?
  • Sorry.
  • I never liked that umbrella stand.
  • Good night, Harry.


  • What happened? 怎么了?Marilyn对Susan一个人回来感到惊奇,她下面还问了几句话。
  • What do you think of him? 你觉得他怎么样?Marilyn实际想知道Susan是否喜欢Harry。
  • nervous:not calm and slightly afraid. 紧张的。
  • I hope so.=I hope to see him again. 我希望还能与他约会。
  • delicious:pleasing to the taste. 可口的,美味的。
  • He didn't get a thing to eat.= He didn't eat anything.他什么也没吃。
  • I'm not complaining.= It's not a problem for me. 我不在意。这句话常在非正式场合使用。
  • knock:the sound of ablow on the door. 敲门声。
  • Do you think it's… =Do you think it's Harry?会不会是Harry?Marilyn期待着Susan来回答。
  • peephole:a small hole in a door through which one can look through. 窥孔,门镜。
  • You won't believe it.= You can't imagine it. 你简直无法相信。表示Susan很感惊讶!
  • How…? 这句话实际上要问:How did you go inside the building? Harry明白Susan要问什么,所以没等Susan说完,他已回答了。
  • apologize:to say that one feels sorry. 道歉。
  • bonsai tree:a tree in a pot that has been prevented from growing large. 盆栽,盆景。
  • tummy:stomach. 肚子。This is an informal word.Children often say tummy instead of stomach.“肚子”一词的非正式用法,儿童常用。
  • Aren't you hungry?=You must be hungry. 你一定饿了吧?
  • As a matter of fact…= It's true…事实上。
  • Mmm, this is delicious! 嗯!很好吃。Marilyn也讲过此话。除去Harry因为很饿的原因外,人们一般在被邀请吃东西时,都表示喜欢或好吃。
  • I'm going to excuse myself.=Sorry, I have to leave. 抱歉,我失陪了。Marilyn想让Susan和Harry有单独交谈的机会。
  • fashion show:时装表演。
  • close:very friendly with each other. 亲密的,关系好的。
  • and with time…= as time goes by. 随着时间的流逝(我不很伤心了)。
  • Is there anyone else in your life?= Do you have a special woman or girlfriend in your life? 你生活中还有别的女人吗?
  • What about you? = Do you have a special man or boy friend in your life? 你呢?有没有男朋友?(这句话通常用来反问对方。)
  • occasionally:sometimes, not often. 偶尔。
  • speaking of:提到。Use this expression to change the subject in a conversation. 用以转换话题的惯用语。
  • Where did the time go? = The time passed very quickly. 时间过得真快。
  • midnight:twelve o'clock at night. 午夜,晚上十二点。
  • I'd like to meet your daughter someday. 我希望有一天能见见你的女儿。Susan讲这句话的真正目的,是给Harry一个暗示。所以Harry马上就问
  • Does that mean that I can see you again? 这是不是说我以后可以再见到你?
  • It was for a good reason. = You had a good reason to have left early. 你早走是有原因的
  • You know something? = Do you know something? 你知道吗?意思为:我想告诉你一件事。
  • going to:将会。Harry念成gonna,这是表示将来式的非正式念法。
  • Have a safe trip home. 一路平安,走好。意思是:再见。
  • Have a safe trip home. 一路平安,走好。意思是:再见。
  • I never liked that umbrella stand. 我一直不大喜欢那个伞架。如果有人不小心碰倒或摔坏了我们的东西,我们常讲:I never liked it或I never liked it anyway. 为的是让对方不感到太尴尬。如果客人吃饭时摔了盘子,我们可以说:I never liked that dish anyway。





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