Man's Best Friend /人类最好的朋友

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  • Man's Best Friend ACT II
  • Don't worry, Alexandra.
  • We'll find the owner.
  • How, Robbie?
  • Let me think.
  • Gemma, sit.
  • Good Gemma.
  • Give me your paw.
  • Good Gemma.
  • This dog is well trained.
  • She likes you, too.
  • So how are we going to find the owners?
  • With a little help from the ASPCA,
  • the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • They're the ones.
  • We once found a cat.
  • She was caught in the branches of our tree.
  • And Dad called the ASPCA.
  • They came and solved the problem.
  • Robbie, let's call them.
  • Let me see -- ASPCA...
  • Here it is.
  • ASPCA Animal Shelter.
  • 555-7700.
  • Hello, ASPCA.
  • Hello, my name is Robbie Stewart.
  • I have a lost dog I'd like to bring to you.
  • How late are you open?
  • We're open till nine P.M.
  • Thank you.
  • I'll bring the dog over by nine.
  • Thanks.
  • Bye.
  • Thanks.
  • Good-bye.
  • They're still open?
  • They're open until nine o'clock.
  • We have two and a half hours.
  • Let's take Gemma by there now.
  • They'll find the owner.
  • I hope so.
  • I'm so sad to see this little dog without her family.
  • I'm sure they'll find the owner.
  • But if they don't, I'll adopt her.
  • She's so cute.
  • Look at those eyes.
  • She's hard to resist.
  • Don't you just love her?
  • I'd like to keep her, too.
  • But I'll be going home to Greece
  • at the end of the semester.
  • She just wants love and affection.
  • Come on, Robbie.
  • Let's get her to the animal shelter,
  • so they can find her owners quickly.
  • Don't worry, Gemma.
  • We'll get you home.
  • It's not easy being away from home.
  • Come on, poochie.
  • Atta girl!
  • Let's go.
  • We're off to the animal shelter.
  • Your name?
  • Robbie Stewart.
  • And this is Alexandra Pappas.
  • Your name will do, Mr. Stewart.
  • Your address?
  • 46 Linden street, Riverdale.
  • Where did you find the dog?
  • She found us.
  • You tried calling the number on the collar?
  • Yes, but the number's no longer in service.
  • And there's no address on the dog tag?
  • There's no other information.
  • No ID number.
  • Without that, it's hard.
  • You will try to find the dog's owner.
  • Oh, we'll try, believe me.
  • And if you don't?
  • Yes?
  • If you don't ... can I ... can I adopt the dog?
  • Why, yes.
  • If the owners don't claim the dog in forty-eight hours,
  • then you can apply for adoption.
  • How do I do that?
  • You really want to?
  • Yes, I'm serious.
  • If no one comes to claim Gemma,
  • I'd like to adopt her.
  • It's not difficult.


  • owner:主人。注意,在元音前,定冠词the的读音为[Ji],在辅音前为[J+]。例如:[Ji] the animal, the office, the idea; [J+]the problem, the shelter, the dog。
  • paw[p&:]:爪子。
  • well trained:taught to follow directions correctly. 受过很好训练的。
  • branches:树枝,叉。
  • shelter:a temporary home or place for protection. 收容所,避难所。
  • How late are you open? = Until what time are you open?  你们几点下班?你们开门到几点钟?
  • by:to that place. 去,到。
  • adopt:to take into one's family. 收养,收留。
  • hard to resist:very attractive; difficult not to like. 惹人喜爱,人见人爱,无法抗拒。resist:抗拒,抵制,反对。
  • affection:a gentle, caring feeling. 关怀。
  • get:to take. 送(回家)。
  • poochie:dog. 狗。This is an informal word. Pooch is more usual than poochie. 口头用语,pooch比poochie 更口语一些。
  • Atta girl! = That's a good girl! 真是个好女孩! Atta girl! and Atta boy! are very informal ex-pressions. You use these expressions with animals or children to show that they are doing something well. Atta girl! 和 Atta boy! 都是很口语化的表达法。用这些词句来称赞小动物、小孩,干得好,好样的等。
  • We're off = We're going; we're on our way. 我们出发,上路。
  • Will do; will be enough. 足够,够了。
  • collar:a leather band for a dog's neck. 皮项圈。
  • ID:identification. 识别证,身份证的缩写形式。
  • claim:认领,要求(应得的权利)。
  • do:can or should. do在此与can和should意思相同。You can use do in this way to ask for instructions. 在请教别人时可说 do I…。
  • I'm serious. 我是认真的。还可以说:I mean business。





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